Through digital manufacturing, we have a growing range of aspirational products designed with modest but sustainable and affordable materials.

Beauty through simplicity is our mantra

Unless there are wall fixings, you won’t find glues, screws, bolts or allen keys needed to assembly our items – because we’ve cleverly designed robust timber connections that remove the need for them! 

Many of our products are co-designed with individuals and communities we work with.  Through these processes and products we are working to tackle issues of furniture poverty in our local neighbourhoods.

You can help us do more of this, by buying these beautiful objects with purpose and soul through this online shop.

make them your own

Each product comes untreated – just pure wood. We’d like to keep it that way. In our experience, we see people making a real connection with their object through lovingly assembling, customising, varnishing and painting it themselves.

Although if you haven’t quite got the energy, or you want to own something unique look out for our limited edition releases of products customised by talented artists and designers.

All the proceeds from Urban Workbench products will all be re-invested in our community-build and learning projects.