Urban Workbench is about putting design ideas and communities to work!

Urban Workbench is a learning hub for individuals & communities looking to develop new skills and get involved in grass roots regeneration.

Urban Workbench is a Nomadic Learning Hub created for individuals and communities to take control of shaping and making their places, whether simply picking up DIY skills or physically delivering and managing development in their neighborhood.

Our aim is to build on methods from across fields such as Sustainable Design, Architecture, Manufacturing and Engineering to inspire creative thinking and create learning experiences that will enable people to unlock their creative potential and apply it in their own communities.

We think that confidence in people changes how people think about themselves and their ability to have impact in the world.

Our main goals are:

  • For Urban Workbench to be a catalyst in raising levels of community resilience, with people participating more in practically shaping their surroundings and neighbourhoods
  • Individuals to increase self-confidence
  • Benefits to mental and physical health of participants
  • Individuals to gain new skills to support re-entry or entry to the job market or self-employment
  • Referral pathways will lead to opportunities in further learning or employment

The Urban Workbench project by We Make Places CIC was made possible through social investment and blended finance from: