Learning Programme

Our classes start from £30.00 for half-day Basic Joinery for DIY workshops which introduce you to simple making of objects with upcycled and affordable materials, aimed at basic DIY and community build projects.

Our participants typically include people who’ve never operated a power tool before, through to seasoned builders and makers. The environment is always inclusive, supportive and great fun!

Our ‘Cut N’ Create’ one-day workshops start from £45.00, during which you will see our CNC machine in operation and customise one of our popular furniture items to take home with you!

Half-Day ‘Build a Birdhouse’ Course
Half-Day ‘Build a Toolbox’ Course
One-Day ‘Customise a Cortado’ Course
Half-Day ‘Build a Shelf’ Course
One-Day ‘Customise an Atocha’ Course
One-Day ‘Customise a Flip’ Course