Young DIY-ers make a positive local impact

We had a cohort of (NEET) young people in our workshop for another DIY Learning Programme with Back On Track.

They started by learning about each piece of machinery and how to use basic hand & power tools. Then, the group learnt how to build bird boxes from pallets and timber offcuts donated by local businesses.

Young people working with Angelo to use the power tools at Urban Workbench
Young person sawing recycled timber with Angelo Madonna

After building 6 bird boxes, they visited our local partners West Everton Community Council. They heard about what WECC do in the local area to support individuals and communities. 

Finished bird boxes created by Back On Track young people at Urban Workbench

We then took our cohort into our Urban Workbench satellite workshop at WECC.

Our mixed gender, young DIY-ers decided to donate their bird boxes to WECC for their outdoor spaces. Across another two sessions our young people co-designed and up-cycled chairs to improve the look & feel of WECC. They decided to create seating from up-cycled chairs and timber, which WECC’s visitors can now enjoy.

A young person drilling screws into an up-cycled chair to create a new seat for WECC
The young group's finished project - an up cycled chair with new seat base and reinforced legs

Finally, we introduced our cohort of young makers to our CNC machine. They worked together to customise beautiful CNC manufactured furniture.

They painted stools and a table to take away for Back On Track’s community hub at Toxteth Town Hall.

The painted CNC stool in pink and blue for Toxteth Town Hall
The finished CNC stools with painted stripes in pink and blue to be donated to Toxteth Town Hall community centre

Urban Workbench loved working with this group of future makers. We look forward to continuing our programme with Back On Track and other local partners with aligned ethos. 

For more info and partnerships, you can reach us at

Young DIY-ers make a positive local impact
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